Thursday, January 22, 2009

a day in the life of

well i woke up this morning to the ring of my cellphone alarm going off at 5 am...tried to find the darn thing to shut it off and totally wiped out and bumped my leg on the nite stand...ouch,,,,so there i was off to a great start to my day.I got ready for work...i am a postal mail carrier.Got my crud together and out the door i went...windy day.....went to work ,tons of mail to sort and take out into the blizzardy day we were back to the post office to find i had a sears bill for myself...i dont tend to open up all my bills as i know i havent used the sears account in awhile....but something told me..the little voice in my open it up!I did...and looked at it and realized there was a huge error on it, to the tune of 11 hundred said i purchased a brand new bedroom suite headboard....dresser...mattress set..etc...haha..and it also said i was being charged 70 dollars for delivering it to my house...ummm i havent bought a bedroom suite for about 7 years.I couldnt even think straight as i was driving home...all i was thinking about in the world could this happen..well...i came home....straight on the phone...talked to the card centre and she insisted i purchased these items....i was almost in tears when i was so angry with this company ...i told her i havent made a purchase from that company in almost seven months....she proceeded to try to calm me down and suggested maybe my husband made this purchase...i told her do you think i would notice if i was sleeping on a new bed and had a new bedroom suite....i used a few other not so nice bad:(...but i was angry that she would even suggest he might have bought it for someone told her i wanted to speak to her supervisor and finally got someone with some brains on the other end...She took my card number down and proceeded to check my records of my purchases and this one in particular had shown up on my card but was not delivered to my was delivered to someone in bassano....with a little bit of patience on my end,,,,,25 minutes later to be exact,,,,she came back on the line ans said she had done some tracking down on this other address and her card number is one digit away from my card number....phew......we figured it out,,,,the lady in bassano...will now finally be charged for her bedroom suite she ordered....and i dont have to go reposess my moral of my story is...look over your bills very carefully!!I am one whom doesnt even open them sometimes and just pay what i know would be a good payment on it...lesson learnt for the day....and kimara....thanx for convincing me to reopen my blog,,,,im sure it will be somewhat therapeutic for me....but also give me the courage to start becoming what i want to become,,,,so kudos to kimara for talking me into the blog!!!XO til next time ;)

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  1. I love it! You made me laugh out loud. My favorite was that you think I would notice if I was sleeping in a new bed! Maybe your husband bought it for someone else??? I think she should lose her job for that one! I use my blog as my journal as well. I am so glad you are back at it! I am planning on printing mine out in a year or so though a online business they bind it like a book so ta journal. Such a good story! I am glad you shared it.