Wednesday, February 11, 2009

9 wonder i ache .....

well well well.....monday february ninth was THE day....i decided it was time to finally do it!!I joined a gym and got a membership at the leisure center ....i figured after staring at the people up in that room while i was basking in the pool and leisurely swimming ,,,and hanging out in the was my time to be one of those people!!I never expected it to be a walk in the park...but oh my goodness i was sure surprised at how OUT of shape i really am!I started my workout pretty much just staring at the it to melt my cellulite away...but then i was getting people staring at me and then i thought ,,,well,,i was wanting to be like them...sweaty and red in the do i get there?Get on one of those machines and warm my body up!OH what a task...have you ever felt like a total loser just because you were standing on this machine and it was smarter than you?I thought at least by the year 2009 they would have machines that weighed you when you got on and judged your body fat and then started to move and give you a't that be cool?So after about ten minutes of watching other people watch me i figured this contraption out!I was moving....and actually feeling these muscles....that i really did't know were there..!I remember when i was 19 and so fit and you could bounce a quarter off my ...well... i have these little dimples in my butt that look like the size of quarters...?does that count?haha anyways i did this what seemed like an excrutiating workout for ten minutes ....on the the meanwhile thinking of a donut and a cappacino from timmies...10 minutes turned into 40 minutes later and i was sweating....eewwww i never knew i could sweat like that!Got up the next day and did it all over again after work....when does it feel like you've not been run over by a truck....three days into it and well i thought it was a truck that hit i felt like it was a train...not just a truck!!So i've been doing great soooo far no donuts for me and i've actually gone down the produce aisle and bought skipped the bakery aisle...which was my favorite pasttime....but somehow it didnt feel right after sweating wish me luck is what i'll need to stick with it...i do love the feeling of getting into the pool after a great workout.....well what i consider great anyway....:) now its into the shower i go and ready for another day of wonderous kegels and muscle tightening strains tomorrow....~~~

Friday, February 6, 2009

no tell

Well one more week and we (letitia,alexis,dylan,kimara,london,sean and i,,,,quentin has to work) are off to the big city of hanna , alberta!!WOOHOO...another fun filled weekend of basketball!!AND i mean funfilled i can hardly wait to get into that school and overwhelm the crowd with our pom poms and our signs and cheering loudly and proudly for our girls!!This year i believe the girls/london and letitia...have grown sooo much as little women!!Their maturity at times surprises me...yet the giggles they still have are also a very fond reminder of their youth!!Anyways i called up to hanna to find a hotel/motel room or two for our two familys ,we thought would be a fun idea to stay the night being as we have to be there the nextday as well!I couldnt get a room at the best western...which really concerned me...i asked why they were so booked!Well she said it is valentines weekend!!OOHH YEEAAHH so of course being that i think i will have to bring my sexy flannel jammies to walk around the notell motel room we got,,lol,but i think a nice valentine surprise for all the kids in the morning would be a nice interesting as the room sounds..i figure ill bring my own pillow,maybe a change of sheets and a chocolate mint for my pillow!!LOL...ahhh well we will find something to do if nothing else we can always play some cards or find a wedding to crash and get fed for free!!Haha there should be one or two maybe happening being it is valentines weekend!!OFF i go now to indulge in chocolate...all this talk about valentines sure makes a woman crave some!!:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

getting motivated....sure takes......motivation,,,lol

Well i took my first step towards motivating myself to workout and get in shape!!I'm not looking at losing alot of weight..perhaps 10 pounds would be great.....but i truly want to just FEEL better!!I wake up in the morning and head to work around 530 monday to friday,i finish usually early enough to come home and chill out for a couple of hours,i decided after thinking about it for a very longtime....that i wanted to join some kind of gym,so as of monday my membership starts at the recreation center.I have no idea when i go what i will do but i guess i will figure some routine out!!I'm excited to get the old heart pumping,and the cellulite moving!! after i went and inquired about this membership deal...i left the rec center and headed over to the junior high school and thought ....ill take my girls out for i took letitia and london for a& theres something extra to work off!!By the way kimara...if i have any questions on how to do what or what kind of routine i could get into i know youll be there for me!!!You are my motivator...just seeing how great you look makes me want to feel that on the inside as well the once again kimara,,,,congrats and i'll be asking for information,,,,:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

every day is one day closer to???

today is one of those days where i feel like .....what am i doing here??who put me here and for what purpose?those words got me thinking.....i woke up this morning after a pretty good sleep and my first thought in my head was a selfish thought,i do admit.However selfish it seems its somewhat not selfish on the other hand!I once again woke with the thoughts of my friends leaving this town for a new endeavor...but then i thought wait a minute..this truly isnt selfish..i'm doing what most people do when they are faced with the news of bestest friends perhaps being split up..and two of the most adoring parents a person would ever meet!!I was being selfish in thinking about my letitia and how hurt she would be and then i went into her room and seen she wasn't there.I walked downstairs and found her in her sisters room,she had a sleepover in her sisters room cute !!I then thought hmmmm here i am worried about her feelings and there she is sleeping with her sister and they have eachother!!I know we will miss having london over alot but i have to fortunate is she to have her sister to talk to when shes down...and i know thats exactly what she did lastnight when she slept in there...she might not have talked to her about that issue..cause letitia can be kinda withdrawn from her emotions when that subject is talked about ...but she was simply spending time and filling up her thoughts with her sister!So as i ramble on about what seems nothing it truly made me realize how lucky and blessed and what i am here for!!!Just like the seasons of the year ...our lives go through some changes and it all works out somehow we cope and get through it by leaning on our own!! on another note...i'm not the type of person to let people IN often to my heart but I will always have room in my heart for the white family....just know you are loved and we will be there for you where ever you go..............x0 ....i feel better now...i love this blogging stuff!!!:)