Friday, October 9, 2009


WELL HERE WE ARE thanksgiving is upon us and the cold weather has blessed us once again!What???blessed us???ahhh well you all know what i i just stopped in to tell why i am so thankful this wonderful time of year...however i am always thankful everyday but one does seem to slow their world down for a day and truly think of why we should be thankful!

I am thankful for my wonderful,understanding supportive husbandof ten years,,,,and heres why...
I get sick he heals me,im sad he holds me,im happy he shares laughter with me,im scared he comforts me.....but most of all im me and he loves me!
I am thankful for my children,,,,,because simply they are mine!I have put alot of effort into molding them into wonderful people and i think that they are truly that,,,,about 71/2 years ago i was very sick with cancer and i was very scared and thought i would never be well or even survive to see them grow and flourish into adults.I conquered the cancer but before i did i wrote them each a little letter knowing how very loved and important they are to me,,,,thanks to god i never had to give them those letters,however i have had the opportunity to tell them everyday how very great they are and how thankful i am to have them in my lives!
I am thankful for my parents.....i sometimes take the time i have with them for granted however i knnow they are getting up in age and now i think back to how great they were when they raised me and took good care of me and i thank them for that and continue to be there when i need them....
I am thankful for my life one can never have too many friends,i have had alot of friends in my life but truly only a few whom i have carried on through life friends have truly enriched my life throughout the years and im positive i will continue to have such great loving friends in you,,,,and for that i thankyou!!
last but not least i am thankful to the lord and for allowing me to be here and to be experiencing this world and life with the most amazing people and the most amazing experiences.....

It truly doesnt get much better than this,,,,,we are all happy,healthy,and loved....what more could anyone want?
Happy thanksgiving my friends and family!!!i love you all!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

summers flying by

well here i am again today is friday the 14th of august ,let me tell you i can't beleive that it is already the middle of august and we feel like the summer truly has not arrived yet!We have had nearly maybe ten hot days all summer long .However we havent let it ruin our summer we have done alot this summer,i think this has been our busiest summer of all!Between camping,visits,edmonton trips jasper icefields emerson bridge blood indian lake newell echo dale park and the final thing so far we have done was our trip to calgary where we went to see wrestling at the saddledome!!How fun was all that,tons of fun and lets not forget tons of money.We were in sylvan lake this summer,we stumbled upon this outdoor waterslide park there so we decided to get a cheap room across from the waterpark and slide all day long!How fun was such a blast.Later that night quentin and i decided to go for a walk to some bars and see what the nightlife was like.It was rather boring as it was a sunday we were there,but we did meet this man and woman as we were walking by this one place,the man said hi there and we responded politlely and said hi,he then proceeded to chat with us,they were a very nice couple from fort mac,down on holidays.We ended up going to sit and have a drink with these people and this complete stranger said something to me that made total sense,he said ya know we only get one chance at this life and we need to enjoy it to the fullest and take it all in!He said he makes 5 dollars he will spend 8 dollars to enjoy what life has to really makes sense to me that if we sit back and work work work and never play we will not get what life has to offer!That was at the beginning of our trip we knew it was going to be a blast from there on!Off the next day we went to edmonton and stayed at west ed mall for three nights....lots of shopping and we spent a whole day at the waterpark which we totally luved it was soooo fun,we are all about water!Went for supper at a nice restaurant in the mall down this aisle of cool..we then went back to the room ready for another day of fun the next day at galaxy land....which was not as fun as the waterpark however we still enjoyed it....then we changed rooms that night into our fantasy theme room...the lady at the hotel was nice enough to give us this room for 139 dollars and it was tub right in the room and a view of the city we couldnt beleive our luck!!The hot tub was constantly being filled up and the kids luved it.....that night the girls went to the imax theatre to see harry potter.while dad and dylan and i rested and chilled out in the room with room service nachos and morning we rose to have a hottub again before we packed up and left for our next adventure,we headed to jasper...yayyy....trailer in tow we stayed in a campground right near the village,did some exploring and shopping in jasper and found a neat little restaurant where we ate and then headed back to the campground to set up the tent trailer.We then went exploring in the campground and the kids found some elk and carribou right walking around the campground,cool,,,,bedtime in the tent trailer,i never slept at all cause i was so worried about the bears coming into our tent sure what i would have done if they would have but needless to say i stayed awake..haha...packed up in the morning and off to drive the mountains...ahhhhh how gorgeous....we got to go to athabasca falls they were soooo nice,then continues our drive through the mountains til we found the icefields and stopped there for a few hours to tour on a bus on the fantastic this was,ate on the mountain and then loaded up for mre mountain driving....we got to see 2 bears so exciting kind of sad though....they were right up on the roads and people we getting out of their vehicles to get as close to them as possible,you could see how scared these beas were and they just wanted to cross the road to get to the waters.....nonetheless stillblessed we could see such a free wild creature of god.....homeward bounds we were exhausted and broke but we had the time of our lives that im sure the kids will never forget:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well here i sit fathers day has nearly come to a close and i thought i should write this note to let my hubby know how very much i love and appreciate who he is and what he does for this here goes...

Quentin...the day i met you i could never have imagined the perfect family man you would soon turn out to be!I a Single mother(not by choice) however i found my self in this situation two very very young girls,thinking to myself i would be alone and raising them all alone.Never looking for anyone,but there you were!You offered help when i needed it ,moving into my own little place and we grew as friends,you and i were certainly meant to be!So for this i have to say THANKS to my exhusband,,,,,for letting me go,and for walking out of his two adorable little girls lives....cause without that and i would never be and the girls im sure would have never had such a wonderful and loving up bringing as they have had with you as their daddy!!SO heres a tribute to you as the DADDY of my three wonderful kids!!HAPPY FATHERS DAY QUENTIN! Any man can be a father.......But it takes a REAL man to be a DADDY!!!We love you!xox

Thursday, June 18, 2009

winding down and unplugging

well here it is almost the final days of school is upon us often we look forward to the final days of quick as the school year is over we all tend to go our seperate ways for the summer and go on our own little adventures..creating new memories and perhaps new friendships......i often worry about my girls and that they will have true and valuable friendships in life and i am thankful that they both have such wonderful friends....i dont think i could have hand picked better friends for them.....i want to say i would love to be selffish and keep our london and her family here FOREVER!!however i also relaize that if i was in the same predicament i would move in a heartbeat....saddened as we will be when that day arrives.....we know that this is a forever friendship:).....onto much happier daughter alexis will be going into grade seven this coming would have thought this would come so fast..i now have to watch two girls go through this flirting with boys and giggling in the hallways of the junior high school.....i really should get a lock on those basement windows and doors like kimara says,,, dylan will be heading into grade 4 already...he struggles with his work however is a whiz at social studys...loves to learn about the world and world events.....maybe a little politician in the making...hehe....guess we will have to teach him how to lie!:)......
Last weekend we as a family,,,,went to blood indian for the first time since an uneventful august last year....when i left there last year ...august i swore never to camp or even go back to blood indian ever again...for reasons that pretty much all of us know...lets just say we had a life changing experience and didnt want to remember it.However we ventured back this past weekend and had a wonderful time fishing and teaching the kids how to fish as we all had rods this year....dylan can actually cast out pretty far!Letitia caught the first fish of the weekend...haha if you can call a 3 inch fish a fish....but nonetheless it was a fish...i released it back into the lake only to have it die from the eye injury from the hook...sorry little fishy:(......anyways we drove around a bit that saturday and noticed a motorhome with a guy that looked alot like my brother we pulled over and sure enough it was my oldest sister and my brother in law....they too were out on the other side of the lake fishing and we had a nice visit with them...only to find out my parents were also arriving later that we all enjoyed our time out at blood indian...caught a few fish and had a nice visit...soon off to lake newell on july 1st for a couple of days..that will be our next camping adventure....til next time keep fit and have fun!!:) haha

Saturday, May 30, 2009

the test....and i passed!!:)

well this time last weekend i was out at the campground with 9 kids ......alone.....!!!EEEk it was letitias 13th birthday bash, she wanted to do something extraoridinary this year and well i didnt want to clean up a house full of teens again and certainly didnt want to go anywhere extremely public with all these girls,as we know how loud that could get,so silly me i said hey why dont we go camping??She immediately loved the idea,and i immediately regretted saying here were are its friday and i was finishing up at work around 1130 in the am,went home and quentin was home for lunch from work and we began hitching up the trailer and loading up a bunch of stuff...
Off to the campground i went ,we stayed at the lake newell campground in h125 and i gotta tell you it was the nicest spot in the whole grounds!We were right in front of the lake,had a volleyball net right behind us...the toilets were a walk across the street...and the playground was right by us too.So i began to set up the tent trailer by myself and think i did a pretty good job!I waited til i got all the girls so they could set up their tent.
oh i forgot to mention i had invited a friend of mine out for the night,shes 29 and thought that she would be alot of help since i was gonna be out there by myself with all these kids!
So i finished up setting up the trailer and other stuff,,,,unhooking get all the electrical set up loading water,,,,etc....then i left and went in for the girls,,,and one boy,,,,sorry dylan:( we all loaded in the van...which i might add was not the most legal thing to do,but i drove very carefully:i anyways we were off to the lake with tons of stuff and kids in hand...or in van,,,,lol.....tell a bunch of teens to pack lightly cause they were only stayin for one night well some of them brought hair kits,,,,,haha and one even wore a dress!!I was already about to see the exciting evening i had in store for me!So when my friend FINALLY decided to show up...around 4 when she was supposed to arrive by 1 not bad only three hours should have told her 10 and she would have been there on time.We set up two for sleeping...and one for stuff and changing in...cause i thought with that many girls and that much stuff...they need ONE area to keep their stuff.
The whole tent,for their stuff was totally full!!the girls proceeded to pick out their spots of where in the other tent they were going to sleep...and yes it was a big tent and they all had lots of room!!Not that any sleeeping went on anyways....:)......It was kinda neat being around all these teenage girls as i was having some flashbacks of my own teen life with my friends...all the giggling and joke pranking going on was deja vu all were just kinda eating whenever we start the fire letitia had gotten this firestarter item from london for her birthday and we all gave it a try....needless to say i was going to start the fire with a LIGHTER cause it seemed to be taking for ever.....but then erin kidd decided she was not going to give up and there would be no lighting the fire the old fashioned way,,,,with a lighter....she was determined to start it with this flint....and about 20 minutes later,,,,,she did it!!!Finally we got supper on the all had hhotdogs hamburgers...smokies and was a great time as they all enjoyed cooking over the fire.Some of them enjoyed playing with the fire a little too much for my comfort but that was put a stop to in a hurry....:)....after they all ate they got a volleyball game goin and then went to the beach to hangout and swim in the ice cold water.....crazy teens.....oh did i mention my helper was just hangin well i guess its a lesson learnt on my part,,,,soon it was getting dark and time to get the fire ready for marshmallows and smores.....yummmmm.......the girls too enjoyed all that ......then it was off to bed.....tent,,,,,tenttrailer....for some rest at around was supposed to be quiet time...hahahaha...well lets just say a bunch of girls in a tent know nothing about being quiet....i secretly loved the laughter and chatting coming from the tent all night cause i knew they were having a great time.Finally my last "girls go to sleep" was at 430 in the morning....i then heard nothing more so i knew they had laughed themselves out,,,,,i woke to chirps of birds and sun peeking through the up i got to start our breakfast fire,,,,i got 36 boxes of mini cereal out with some milk and then got out a loaf of bread to make toast over the by one the girls heard me up and started writhing out of the tent.....they all made there way over to the table and well they ate alllllll 36 boxes of cereal...some even roasted weiners for breakfast and smokies too,,,,,ewwww,,,,,,then we were all around playing in the sand....some wanted to straighten their hair and are the ones you know will travel from hotel to hotel when they have their families,,,,lol......anyways i just thought i would document my camping experience with all these teenage girls....i wonder how many boys ears were ringing the night we were out there...cause im sure they were giggling about and as for my helper.....hahahahahahaha yeah i now know if i decide to do this again...i can do it alone!!:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

another mountain

well here we are today is monday,the day after mothers day....which i might add was not sooo great for me as a recognized mother,but we won't drudge that up again.Yesterday was a bit of a struggle and after a sleepless night of talking,discussion with my husband and our family as a unit.....we've made a decision of which i am proud of yet upset at the same time.A month or so ago we were discovering more about our friends lifestyle and religion,sure hope i'm wording this we have been on this short yet educational journey, it has brought up alot of questions and discussion in our own lifestyle and relgious choices.To sum it up we have the utmost respect for our friends and the life they lead and we are sooo proud and happy to have them in our lives,however we have chosen to stay with our lifestyle and our religious beliefs which are not a whole lot different...just practiced differently .I write this a reminder to myself of this trying time coming to this choice,and also to thank the lord for bringing so many wonderful people into our lives as friends.I listened to this song today ...not for the first time but for the first time i REALLY listened to it...its called the climb,by miley cyrus.Believe it or not it hit home in alot of ways and it truly is a song of the times in our family,we only can say we look forward to the CLIMB and want the whites to know we luv you and appreciate you as our friends.I really dont know how to end this note ........:another day another task another climb

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers of the world and may your familys recognize how truly important a role you have within the unit of the family and may you all be blessed with a wonderful day!!<3

Sunday, May 3, 2009


well here it is may third and it seems like forever since ive blogged......alot has happened in my life since the last time ,let me start by saying i now see the world and my family through a whole new lens.A few years ago my daughter letitia met this little girl in school and became quite attached to her,litterally,her name is london white.Well i was happy to have this new little friend for my oldest daughter,as she is quite a fussy friend picker and nearly puts her friends through an application stage and credit im trying to say is that she holds her heart very close and doesnt give it away very freely,it must be earned!Well that was about 5 years ago now,since then they have become the closest of friends i've ever seen,i've often envied the great friendship the two of them have had....this little girl London has brought such joy into our family by sharing so much with us.By sharing i refer to herself and her family,her mom kimara and her dad sean,of course we can't forget blossom and annaboy:)......Before i jump ahead too much i would like to go back and tell you about a year into the friendship between my daughter and this little girl,i found out that london was a mormon.I was shocked my daughter was friends with a mormon...only because i was uneducated and had my own thoughts of this.I frequently asked questions to letitia about her mormon friend she had and she would find me the answers here and there,through the last few years getting to know london better in our family i realized shes just a normal girl with standards that i thought were very interesting and wanted to learn more.I since have become very close with Kimara and Sean and my family and i love to spend time with their family,because london spends alot of time with our family and we love to have her so often...Kimara and Sean thought it would be a great idea if we learnt a little more about the values and the choices that they as a family make.Quentin and I have began along with our family to meet with these wonderful young men,who i will call the elders,along with kimara and sean have been teaching us about the value of life and of Our Heavenly Father ..and how we need to have this in our lives....i can honestly say that this has been a scary experience for me as it is the fear of the unknown,,,,i've dabbled in many religions throughout my life but have never felt a connection or a love like ive felt with this family ....i cannot determine at this point where i am headed as it is for me to early to tell,but i can tell you i feel like i have hope for the first time in my life and that this feels right,and the reason for writing this is to thank London for coming into our lives as i beleive that she was brought to our family for a reason,and the reason can only do GOOD....:) be continued....more great stories to come......

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a night at the whitehouse...:)

Well here it is already the end of march and plus weather and we are about to embark on a new month in the year year is going so fast i can't beleive there is only 3 more months left of school....kind of makes me sad cause i am going to have two in junior high and then my little boy will be heading into a new grade in his school all by himself...ahhh we all get older and must learn to grow with the changes,not necessarily enjoy them but grow with them!
This past weekend we had the pleasure of getting invited over for a very great dinner with our bestest friends..well they were letitia's(my daughters) best friends first,but i liked them soo much i thought i would steal them for went over for dinner...and darn i wished i would have taken my camera...cause the way the whites family had the table setup was so incredibly gorgeous....they had little nameplates for eachperson ..handmade i might add...with pretty flowers on them....i loved the colors of the table we sat and embarked on the meal of the year....i'll tell you...quentin is still bragging and wants me to make those carrots with the dill in them...we had roast beef roast potatoes asparagus,cauliflower with cheese sauce on ,carrots...with dill on them..mmmmm,gravy.....pickles of everykind.....and oh last but not least the yorkshire puddings...ahhhhh we wandlers love those,,,,i was amazed at the end of the dinner there was one left...but kimara convinced quentin to finish of convincing that took.
After dinner we went into their fantastic living entertaining space and played pictionary and then guesstures.....soooo fun..i do beleive dylan was the one who had the we couldnt get him to stop acting his stuff out,and to think he was the one who wanted to stay home and play with his friends that night,,haha,,he still talks about how fun it was.So now its going to be our turn to try to even compare to that night at the whites....we will have to come up with something great...til nexttime......:) have a great rest of your week!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

aahhh spring is in the air....

well here it is sunday the 22nd of march and spring is FINALLY here.....well its supposed to be anyway,,,we woke up this morning to frozen windshields and icy roads...but its still melting!!This weekend i stopped procrastinating and did some major things that were begging to be done,,,but well popcorn and movies seemed to be of more importance all winter!!lol...i finally got my desk set up as my office pay my bills write my emails...i also did some filing!!i usually have a bag for all my files,,,lol...but was getting a bit frustrated and angry with myself one day while i was looking for something important and couldnt find it in less than two hours of searching!So here i am 41 and finally have decided to keep my paper life in order,hey paper life in order?thats one step up for me,at least some of my life is in order!I also dungged out some rooms and drawers and man i tell ya it feels liberating to declutter!!!I tried to get letitia and alexis to purge some go!Who am i to talk it took me 41 years to start my purging!I'm kind of a funny purger though...i get rid of some stuff to make room for more!!:) i love to get new things,but only if they are functional,i've decided if its just a dust collector,i dont need it!Letitia and i went to an auction sale this weekend and got a few things together for the new trailer we bought!!Yep a new tent trailer...i'm so excited about this!!Cause last year i had the most horrible year of camping,,,alot of bad things happened to us including our truck and trailer we had....well lets just say the truck was on the side of the road ///we sold it for one buck and the trailer was given to pay off the tow truck whom towed us all back home from far away:(.....ahhhh well chalked it up to a growing we have a new van to pull our new tent trailer and can't wait til may long!!!Well time to get goin and do somemore laundry or whatever becons next...til next time!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I too havent been here for i thought i should write a bit of what i've been up to...not a whole lot of interesting...this week was the finale to the basketball that letitia and london have been participating in....and the two games they played were fantastic...i'm going to miss basketball season as i love to cheer them on and become quite was my hubbys birthday yesterday...hes finally in his mid am 41..yes i know i'm a cradel robber...but what better than to have someone so young to train how you need him..hehe.We watched basketball on his birthday and then went out for supper with our sweet little family.Great meal at BP's but the bill was great too:( mind has been busy with thinking of tax time...ggrrr,,, i took my taxes to H&R block...BIG MISTAKE>>>>>gads they don't have any idea on what i can claim for working with canada post and using my own i'm going to search down someone or company that knows their tax business...after wasting my time waiting for them to do it ...they call me a week later and tell me i can't claim anything,,,,LOL>>>never AGAIN!!I've also had tons of issues on my mind.....i'm kind of an outcast in my siblings...i am the youngest of six children and have only three left that i talk to...there is alot of dealings i've been through with the others that now we don't see eye to eye and i say it doesn't bother me...but guess again!I try not to let it bother me..but it really more thing i've piled up on my hubby to help me through...i don't know what i would do without him and the kids,,,they are for sure what makes me get out of bed everyday!!I can't forget Kimara and London and Sean.....i sure wish we would have met you guys ten years ago....i'm positive my life would have been quite a bit fuller than it was before i knew you....did i say that right???lol....anyways i love the few minutes we get to talk and i do miss you guys when your not around and i appreciate every thing you do for us and letitia....

Today is friday the 13th...for the second time this year,,,,what did we ever do to ask for two in one year?...however it has turned out to be not bad afterall.....i came home from work,i recieved flowers....which is i might add the first flowers i've gotten in i think over a year...hint i got flowers from kimara and i smiled immediatedly and thought of summer and her gorgeous garden she plants every year....i sure do hope she plants another one this year...i'm even thinking if the offer is still there i would plant a row myself out there...thats if they aren't moving this year:(.......ahhhh well just another depressing thought.But anyways...thanx SOOOO much for the flowers on this friday the 13th,.,,,you made my day,,,,and i hope to be blogging more and more as i seem to get all my thoughts out in these...certainly very randomly and in no orderly fashion wahtsoever....but hey what are blogs for???til next time....XO

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

9 wonder i ache .....

well well well.....monday february ninth was THE day....i decided it was time to finally do it!!I joined a gym and got a membership at the leisure center ....i figured after staring at the people up in that room while i was basking in the pool and leisurely swimming ,,,and hanging out in the was my time to be one of those people!!I never expected it to be a walk in the park...but oh my goodness i was sure surprised at how OUT of shape i really am!I started my workout pretty much just staring at the it to melt my cellulite away...but then i was getting people staring at me and then i thought ,,,well,,i was wanting to be like them...sweaty and red in the do i get there?Get on one of those machines and warm my body up!OH what a task...have you ever felt like a total loser just because you were standing on this machine and it was smarter than you?I thought at least by the year 2009 they would have machines that weighed you when you got on and judged your body fat and then started to move and give you a't that be cool?So after about ten minutes of watching other people watch me i figured this contraption out!I was moving....and actually feeling these muscles....that i really did't know were there..!I remember when i was 19 and so fit and you could bounce a quarter off my ...well... i have these little dimples in my butt that look like the size of quarters...?does that count?haha anyways i did this what seemed like an excrutiating workout for ten minutes ....on the the meanwhile thinking of a donut and a cappacino from timmies...10 minutes turned into 40 minutes later and i was sweating....eewwww i never knew i could sweat like that!Got up the next day and did it all over again after work....when does it feel like you've not been run over by a truck....three days into it and well i thought it was a truck that hit i felt like it was a train...not just a truck!!So i've been doing great soooo far no donuts for me and i've actually gone down the produce aisle and bought skipped the bakery aisle...which was my favorite pasttime....but somehow it didnt feel right after sweating wish me luck is what i'll need to stick with it...i do love the feeling of getting into the pool after a great workout.....well what i consider great anyway....:) now its into the shower i go and ready for another day of wonderous kegels and muscle tightening strains tomorrow....~~~

Friday, February 6, 2009

no tell

Well one more week and we (letitia,alexis,dylan,kimara,london,sean and i,,,,quentin has to work) are off to the big city of hanna , alberta!!WOOHOO...another fun filled weekend of basketball!!AND i mean funfilled i can hardly wait to get into that school and overwhelm the crowd with our pom poms and our signs and cheering loudly and proudly for our girls!!This year i believe the girls/london and letitia...have grown sooo much as little women!!Their maturity at times surprises me...yet the giggles they still have are also a very fond reminder of their youth!!Anyways i called up to hanna to find a hotel/motel room or two for our two familys ,we thought would be a fun idea to stay the night being as we have to be there the nextday as well!I couldnt get a room at the best western...which really concerned me...i asked why they were so booked!Well she said it is valentines weekend!!OOHH YEEAAHH so of course being that i think i will have to bring my sexy flannel jammies to walk around the notell motel room we got,,lol,but i think a nice valentine surprise for all the kids in the morning would be a nice interesting as the room sounds..i figure ill bring my own pillow,maybe a change of sheets and a chocolate mint for my pillow!!LOL...ahhh well we will find something to do if nothing else we can always play some cards or find a wedding to crash and get fed for free!!Haha there should be one or two maybe happening being it is valentines weekend!!OFF i go now to indulge in chocolate...all this talk about valentines sure makes a woman crave some!!:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

getting motivated....sure takes......motivation,,,lol

Well i took my first step towards motivating myself to workout and get in shape!!I'm not looking at losing alot of weight..perhaps 10 pounds would be great.....but i truly want to just FEEL better!!I wake up in the morning and head to work around 530 monday to friday,i finish usually early enough to come home and chill out for a couple of hours,i decided after thinking about it for a very longtime....that i wanted to join some kind of gym,so as of monday my membership starts at the recreation center.I have no idea when i go what i will do but i guess i will figure some routine out!!I'm excited to get the old heart pumping,and the cellulite moving!! after i went and inquired about this membership deal...i left the rec center and headed over to the junior high school and thought ....ill take my girls out for i took letitia and london for a& theres something extra to work off!!By the way kimara...if i have any questions on how to do what or what kind of routine i could get into i know youll be there for me!!!You are my motivator...just seeing how great you look makes me want to feel that on the inside as well the once again kimara,,,,congrats and i'll be asking for information,,,,:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

every day is one day closer to???

today is one of those days where i feel like .....what am i doing here??who put me here and for what purpose?those words got me thinking.....i woke up this morning after a pretty good sleep and my first thought in my head was a selfish thought,i do admit.However selfish it seems its somewhat not selfish on the other hand!I once again woke with the thoughts of my friends leaving this town for a new endeavor...but then i thought wait a minute..this truly isnt selfish..i'm doing what most people do when they are faced with the news of bestest friends perhaps being split up..and two of the most adoring parents a person would ever meet!!I was being selfish in thinking about my letitia and how hurt she would be and then i went into her room and seen she wasn't there.I walked downstairs and found her in her sisters room,she had a sleepover in her sisters room cute !!I then thought hmmmm here i am worried about her feelings and there she is sleeping with her sister and they have eachother!!I know we will miss having london over alot but i have to fortunate is she to have her sister to talk to when shes down...and i know thats exactly what she did lastnight when she slept in there...she might not have talked to her about that issue..cause letitia can be kinda withdrawn from her emotions when that subject is talked about ...but she was simply spending time and filling up her thoughts with her sister!So as i ramble on about what seems nothing it truly made me realize how lucky and blessed and what i am here for!!!Just like the seasons of the year ...our lives go through some changes and it all works out somehow we cope and get through it by leaning on our own!! on another note...i'm not the type of person to let people IN often to my heart but I will always have room in my heart for the white family....just know you are loved and we will be there for you where ever you go..............x0 ....i feel better now...i love this blogging stuff!!!:)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

beep beep roadrunners...:)

SATURDAY was an exciting day for all of us....quentin had the day off and we could all spend the day together as the loving family we are.We woke up at 630 in the am and proceeded for the everloved coffee maker.We were about to embark on our first tournament of basketball watching with our daughter and her friend who are in grade seven.Knocked on dylans door...and we were not welcome to come in at that time in the morning on a saturday...he was a bit bummed out getting up soooo managed to get his little body moving and next task was alexis....usually such a loving and snuggly person...i said usually very honestly..however she was unusally crabby with the early wakeup call...:)...letitia was my next victim....i walked in and turned on her light and yelled yahhooo lets go win some games,,,lol...i walked in with camera in hand to get a picture of her nice.....we packed a huge bag of food...there is five of us ya know and we werent sure of what this little town bassano had to offer?....Letitia seen the bag of food and said"ummm no mom your NOT taking that in the gym that's embarassing" lol i just thought id come prepared...sheesh.Left the house at 750 ish and off to pick up london for the ride out there.We retrieved london and we were on the highway to our little roadtrip of the unknown.Letitia and London were all giggles and excitement was in the air for their first real tournanment,yet they were prepared to win some games\;0 Never have we been to bassano so we turned off the highway to this town and drove around a bit...seemed like a nice little town...seems like they were spending their road clearing money on something drove through their little downtown area,,old...but nice and quaint.We spotted the school so off we went.Here we go we were there!!First game was against bassano broncos.....well i was of course the proud mom and surrogate mom to london,,,\\;0 the girls played their hearts out and went on to win that game i beleive it was 52-14.After that game we had an hour and half to kill while the other teams played some games...we took advantage of that time and went and sat in rosies cafe on the highway and ate some good healthy french fries...and taco salads..:)quite a bit of the team met up there with their parents...the girls were excited and found a booth to sit in together as a team.However..we the parents of letitia werent cool enough to sit at the table with the parents,,,haha,,,long story,,,anyways we ate ...we left,,,,we went downtown to the little boutique call chezelles.The girls spotted that store on our way in and we thought we would go check it out while we had time.Walked in there and it was colder i the store than it was outside..she said the heat was we shivered and walked around looking..there was some really nice clothes i there...girls found the underwear rack and had some giggles with that.Back to the school to wamr up and warm up and warm up for the next game..LOL...we played the delia bulldogs next...this team was made up of two grade seven girls and the rest of the team was grades five and six...sean had asked someone about the place and the man proceeded to tell us thats what the team was made ..we were all amazed cause these kids could play some serious basketball!However the two grade sevens were big and well bulldoggish...they played a little on the not so nice side of went on to win that game the score was a bit lower but still won with pride,,,,the girls had fifteen minutes to rest in between the next game . Our final game was against the st.joes crusaders from the catholic school in brooks.We were tired and worn out but really we were out played by them.They had fantastic defence throughout the whole game and our team...well one line lacked in the defence department...but the two double L's played a great sucked it up...oh i forgot to mention,,,she rolled her ankle in game two but the trooper she is continued on playing with alot of heart.Back to the final minutes of the game....leititia got a couple of baskets and the very last seconds of the game the ball was in our was ours took the pass and let it go off her fingers and up it went...welllll sean kimara quentin and myself we watched with excitement as london got a basket in without even touching the rim...they lost the game...but we were soooo proud of our girls and the final net was almost sooo exciting it brought tears to my eyes!Well their tournament was over:( but we sat there while they all lined up and waited for what was a nice reward for all their hardwork!They came in second place and won a trophy for their trophy case at school!!!YAY roadrunners!!We all came home excited and exhausted....Great Day and definitely worth the little trip out to \BASSANO....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a day in the life of

well i woke up this morning to the ring of my cellphone alarm going off at 5 am...tried to find the darn thing to shut it off and totally wiped out and bumped my leg on the nite stand...ouch,,,,so there i was off to a great start to my day.I got ready for work...i am a postal mail carrier.Got my crud together and out the door i went...windy day.....went to work ,tons of mail to sort and take out into the blizzardy day we were back to the post office to find i had a sears bill for myself...i dont tend to open up all my bills as i know i havent used the sears account in awhile....but something told me..the little voice in my open it up!I did...and looked at it and realized there was a huge error on it, to the tune of 11 hundred said i purchased a brand new bedroom suite headboard....dresser...mattress set..etc...haha..and it also said i was being charged 70 dollars for delivering it to my house...ummm i havent bought a bedroom suite for about 7 years.I couldnt even think straight as i was driving home...all i was thinking about in the world could this happen..well...i came home....straight on the phone...talked to the card centre and she insisted i purchased these items....i was almost in tears when i was so angry with this company ...i told her i havent made a purchase from that company in almost seven months....she proceeded to try to calm me down and suggested maybe my husband made this purchase...i told her do you think i would notice if i was sleeping on a new bed and had a new bedroom suite....i used a few other not so nice bad:(...but i was angry that she would even suggest he might have bought it for someone told her i wanted to speak to her supervisor and finally got someone with some brains on the other end...She took my card number down and proceeded to check my records of my purchases and this one in particular had shown up on my card but was not delivered to my was delivered to someone in bassano....with a little bit of patience on my end,,,,,25 minutes later to be exact,,,,she came back on the line ans said she had done some tracking down on this other address and her card number is one digit away from my card number....phew......we figured it out,,,,the lady in bassano...will now finally be charged for her bedroom suite she ordered....and i dont have to go reposess my moral of my story is...look over your bills very carefully!!I am one whom doesnt even open them sometimes and just pay what i know would be a good payment on it...lesson learnt for the day....and kimara....thanx for convincing me to reopen my blog,,,,im sure it will be somewhat therapeutic for me....but also give me the courage to start becoming what i want to become,,,,so kudos to kimara for talking me into the blog!!!XO til next time ;)