Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a night at the whitehouse...:)

Well here it is already the end of march and plus weather and we are about to embark on a new month in the year 2009...wow...this year is going so fast i can't beleive there is only 3 more months left of school....kind of makes me sad cause i am going to have two in junior high and then my little boy will be heading into a new grade in his school all by himself...ahhh we all get older and must learn to grow with the changes,not necessarily enjoy them but grow with them!
This past weekend we had the pleasure of getting invited over for a very great dinner with our bestest friends..well they were letitia's(my daughters) best friends first,but i liked them soo much i thought i would steal them for myself..lol...anyways...we went over for dinner...and darn i wished i would have taken my camera...cause the way the whites family had the table setup was so incredibly gorgeous....they had little nameplates for eachperson ..handmade i might add...with pretty flowers on them....i loved the colors of the table settings..my fave...green...then we sat and embarked on the meal of the year....i'll tell you...quentin is still bragging and wants me to make those carrots with the dill in them...we had roast beef roast potatoes asparagus,cauliflower with cheese sauce on ,carrots...with dill on them..mmmmm,gravy.....pickles of everykind.....and oh last but not least the yorkshire puddings...ahhhhh we wandlers love those,,,,i was amazed at the end of the dinner there was one left...but kimara convinced quentin to finish it....lol...alot of convincing that took.
After dinner we went into their fantastic living entertaining space and played pictionary and then guesstures.....soooo fun..i do beleive dylan was the one who had the funnest...as we couldnt get him to stop acting his stuff out,and to think he was the one who wanted to stay home and play with his friends that night,,haha,,he still talks about how fun it was.So now its going to be our turn to try to even compare to that night at the whites....we will have to come up with something great...til nexttime......:) have a great rest of your week!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

aahhh spring is in the air....

well here it is sunday the 22nd of march and spring is FINALLY here.....well its supposed to be anyway,,,we woke up this morning to frozen windshields and icy roads...but its still melting!!This weekend i stopped procrastinating and did some major things that were begging to be done,,,but well popcorn and movies seemed to be of more importance all winter!!lol...i finally got my desk set up as my office ...to pay my bills write my emails...i also did some filing!!i usually have a bag for all my files,,,lol...but was getting a bit frustrated and angry with myself one day while i was looking for something important and couldnt find it in less than two hours of searching!So here i am 41 and finally have decided to keep my paper life in order,hey paper life in order?thats one step up for me,at least some of my life is in order!I also dungged out some rooms and drawers and man i tell ya it feels liberating to declutter!!!I tried to get letitia and alexis to purge some stuff...but...well..no go!Who am i to talk it took me 41 years to start my purging!I'm kind of a funny purger though...i get rid of some stuff to make room for more!!:) i love to get new things,but only if they are functional,i've decided if its just a dust collector,i dont need it!Letitia and i went to an auction sale this weekend and got a few things together for the new trailer we bought!!Yep a new tent trailer...i'm so excited about this!!Cause last year i had the most horrible year of camping,,,alot of bad things happened to us including our truck and trailer we had....well lets just say the truck was on the side of the road ///we sold it for one buck and the trailer was given to pay off the tow truck whom towed us all back home from far away:(.....ahhhh well chalked it up to a growing experience...now we have a new van to pull our new tent trailer and can't wait til may long!!!Well time to get goin and do somemore laundry or whatever becons next...til next time!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I too havent been here for awhile......so i thought i should write a bit of what i've been up to...not a whole lot of interesting...this week was the finale to the basketball that letitia and london have been participating in....and the two games they played were fantastic...i'm going to miss basketball season as i love to cheer them on and become quite boisterous...lol...it was my hubbys birthday yesterday...hes finally in his mid thirties...35...lol...myself am 41..yes i know i'm a cradel robber...but what better than to have someone so young to train how you need him..hehe.We watched basketball on his birthday and then went out for supper with our sweet little family.Great meal at BP's but the bill was great too:(....my mind has been busy with thinking of tax time...ggrrr,,, i took my taxes to H&R block...BIG MISTAKE>>>>>gads they don't have any idea on what i can claim for working with canada post and using my own vehicle...so i'm going to search down someone or company that knows their tax business...after wasting my time waiting for them to do it ...they call me a week later and tell me i can't claim anything,,,,LOL>>>never AGAIN!!I've also had tons of issues on my mind.....i'm kind of an outcast in my siblings...i am the youngest of six children and have only three left that i talk to...there is alot of dealings i've been through with the others that now we don't see eye to eye and i say it doesn't bother me...but guess again!I try not to let it bother me..but it really does...one more thing i've piled up on my hubby to help me through...i don't know what i would do without him and the kids,,,they are for sure what makes me get out of bed everyday!!I can't forget Kimara and London and Sean.....i sure wish we would have met you guys ten years ago....i'm positive my life would have been quite a bit fuller than it was before i knew you....did i say that right???lol....anyways i love the few minutes we get to talk and i do miss you guys when your not around and i appreciate every thing you do for us and letitia....

Today is friday the 13th...for the second time this year,,,,what did we ever do to ask for two in one year?...however it has turned out to be not bad afterall.....i came home from work,i recieved flowers....which is i might add the first flowers i've gotten in i think over a year...hint hint...quentin....lol...but i got flowers from kimara and i smiled immediatedly and thought of summer and her gorgeous garden she plants every year....i sure do hope she plants another one this year...i'm even thinking if the offer is still there i would plant a row myself out there...thats if they aren't moving this year:(.......ahhhh well just another depressing thought.But anyways...thanx SOOOO much for the flowers on this friday the 13th,.,,,you made my day,,,,and i hope to be blogging more and more as i seem to get all my thoughts out in these...certainly very randomly and in no orderly fashion wahtsoever....but hey what are blogs for???til next time....XO