Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a night at the whitehouse...:)

Well here it is already the end of march and plus weather and we are about to embark on a new month in the year 2009...wow...this year is going so fast i can't beleive there is only 3 more months left of school....kind of makes me sad cause i am going to have two in junior high and then my little boy will be heading into a new grade in his school all by himself...ahhh we all get older and must learn to grow with the changes,not necessarily enjoy them but grow with them!
This past weekend we had the pleasure of getting invited over for a very great dinner with our bestest friends..well they were letitia's(my daughters) best friends first,but i liked them soo much i thought i would steal them for myself..lol...anyways...we went over for dinner...and darn i wished i would have taken my camera...cause the way the whites family had the table setup was so incredibly gorgeous....they had little nameplates for eachperson ..handmade i might add...with pretty flowers on them....i loved the colors of the table settings..my fave...green...then we sat and embarked on the meal of the year....i'll tell you...quentin is still bragging and wants me to make those carrots with the dill in them...we had roast beef roast potatoes asparagus,cauliflower with cheese sauce on ,carrots...with dill on them..mmmmm,gravy.....pickles of everykind.....and oh last but not least the yorkshire puddings...ahhhhh we wandlers love those,,,,i was amazed at the end of the dinner there was one left...but kimara convinced quentin to finish it....lol...alot of convincing that took.
After dinner we went into their fantastic living entertaining space and played pictionary and then guesstures.....soooo fun..i do beleive dylan was the one who had the funnest...as we couldnt get him to stop acting his stuff out,and to think he was the one who wanted to stay home and play with his friends that night,,haha,,he still talks about how fun it was.So now its going to be our turn to try to even compare to that night at the whites....we will have to come up with something great...til nexttime......:) have a great rest of your week!!!

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  1. Thanks for all the Accolades! I used a big word first thing this morning!!! I am on fire ( I had to get Sean to spell it for me :0) I haven't been checking my blogs this week I don't know what is wrong with me! We had a great time with you guys Dylan was so funny I am glad he liked the game. I just love seeing our girls together it was so fun! Of course our team kicked butt. I am so glad the food turned out OK that is always a stress.. we once had people over for Mexican and they don't like different food. meat and potatoes only so that was awkward lots of left overs.