Monday, May 11, 2009

another mountain

well here we are today is monday,the day after mothers day....which i might add was not sooo great for me as a recognized mother,but we won't drudge that up again.Yesterday was a bit of a struggle and after a sleepless night of talking,discussion with my husband and our family as a unit.....we've made a decision of which i am proud of yet upset at the same time.A month or so ago we were discovering more about our friends lifestyle and religion,sure hope i'm wording this we have been on this short yet educational journey, it has brought up alot of questions and discussion in our own lifestyle and relgious choices.To sum it up we have the utmost respect for our friends and the life they lead and we are sooo proud and happy to have them in our lives,however we have chosen to stay with our lifestyle and our religious beliefs which are not a whole lot different...just practiced differently .I write this a reminder to myself of this trying time coming to this choice,and also to thank the lord for bringing so many wonderful people into our lives as friends.I listened to this song today ...not for the first time but for the first time i REALLY listened to it...its called the climb,by miley cyrus.Believe it or not it hit home in alot of ways and it truly is a song of the times in our family,we only can say we look forward to the CLIMB and want the whites to know we luv you and appreciate you as our friends.I really dont know how to end this note ........:another day another task another climb


  1. Well I have wanted to comment on this post since you wrote it.. but have struggled with what to say. I decided tonight, right now, that I would just comment.
    I have been thinking lots about you. I think you and your family (especially that little Dylan) are wonderful and kind. I love seeing him in Cubs, I loved seeing him and you all at church and although it makes me sad I won't see you there when I come next week I will still be thinking about you and your family. We all have struggles, whether they are mountains or hills or a bump in the road they are hard and challenge us and without friends we can't make anything happen, without family there's no reason to try. I love the gospel with all my heart and all that it stands for and brings to me. Knowing you have a piece of that with you to add to all your wonderful qualities that I have already gotten to see makes me happy.

  2. awww thanx stephanie....we truly do beleive in our lord jesus christ and i KNOW we are going to heaven and we are just extremely blessed to have people like you and the whites in our lives to guide us and to show us,mountains and struggles will make us stronger people and even if i choose to not come to church every sunday doesnt mean i did not get anything from my experience, i met so many wonderful people at the church and im sure i will drop in for a visit on the occasional sunday for worship service...thanx for thinking of me and my family it means alot to us!