Saturday, May 30, 2009

the test....and i passed!!:)

well this time last weekend i was out at the campground with 9 kids ......alone.....!!!EEEk it was letitias 13th birthday bash, she wanted to do something extraoridinary this year and well i didnt want to clean up a house full of teens again and certainly didnt want to go anywhere extremely public with all these girls,as we know how loud that could get,so silly me i said hey why dont we go camping??She immediately loved the idea,and i immediately regretted saying here were are its friday and i was finishing up at work around 1130 in the am,went home and quentin was home for lunch from work and we began hitching up the trailer and loading up a bunch of stuff...
Off to the campground i went ,we stayed at the lake newell campground in h125 and i gotta tell you it was the nicest spot in the whole grounds!We were right in front of the lake,had a volleyball net right behind us...the toilets were a walk across the street...and the playground was right by us too.So i began to set up the tent trailer by myself and think i did a pretty good job!I waited til i got all the girls so they could set up their tent.
oh i forgot to mention i had invited a friend of mine out for the night,shes 29 and thought that she would be alot of help since i was gonna be out there by myself with all these kids!
So i finished up setting up the trailer and other stuff,,,,unhooking get all the electrical set up loading water,,,,etc....then i left and went in for the girls,,,and one boy,,,,sorry dylan:( we all loaded in the van...which i might add was not the most legal thing to do,but i drove very carefully:i anyways we were off to the lake with tons of stuff and kids in hand...or in van,,,,lol.....tell a bunch of teens to pack lightly cause they were only stayin for one night well some of them brought hair kits,,,,,haha and one even wore a dress!!I was already about to see the exciting evening i had in store for me!So when my friend FINALLY decided to show up...around 4 when she was supposed to arrive by 1 not bad only three hours should have told her 10 and she would have been there on time.We set up two for sleeping...and one for stuff and changing in...cause i thought with that many girls and that much stuff...they need ONE area to keep their stuff.
The whole tent,for their stuff was totally full!!the girls proceeded to pick out their spots of where in the other tent they were going to sleep...and yes it was a big tent and they all had lots of room!!Not that any sleeeping went on anyways....:)......It was kinda neat being around all these teenage girls as i was having some flashbacks of my own teen life with my friends...all the giggling and joke pranking going on was deja vu all were just kinda eating whenever we start the fire letitia had gotten this firestarter item from london for her birthday and we all gave it a try....needless to say i was going to start the fire with a LIGHTER cause it seemed to be taking for ever.....but then erin kidd decided she was not going to give up and there would be no lighting the fire the old fashioned way,,,,with a lighter....she was determined to start it with this flint....and about 20 minutes later,,,,,she did it!!!Finally we got supper on the all had hhotdogs hamburgers...smokies and was a great time as they all enjoyed cooking over the fire.Some of them enjoyed playing with the fire a little too much for my comfort but that was put a stop to in a hurry....:)....after they all ate they got a volleyball game goin and then went to the beach to hangout and swim in the ice cold water.....crazy teens.....oh did i mention my helper was just hangin well i guess its a lesson learnt on my part,,,,soon it was getting dark and time to get the fire ready for marshmallows and smores.....yummmmm.......the girls too enjoyed all that ......then it was off to bed.....tent,,,,,tenttrailer....for some rest at around was supposed to be quiet time...hahahaha...well lets just say a bunch of girls in a tent know nothing about being quiet....i secretly loved the laughter and chatting coming from the tent all night cause i knew they were having a great time.Finally my last "girls go to sleep" was at 430 in the morning....i then heard nothing more so i knew they had laughed themselves out,,,,,i woke to chirps of birds and sun peeking through the up i got to start our breakfast fire,,,,i got 36 boxes of mini cereal out with some milk and then got out a loaf of bread to make toast over the by one the girls heard me up and started writhing out of the tent.....they all made there way over to the table and well they ate alllllll 36 boxes of cereal...some even roasted weiners for breakfast and smokies too,,,,,ewwww,,,,,,then we were all around playing in the sand....some wanted to straighten their hair and are the ones you know will travel from hotel to hotel when they have their families,,,,lol......anyways i just thought i would document my camping experience with all these teenage girls....i wonder how many boys ears were ringing the night we were out there...cause im sure they were giggling about and as for my helper.....hahahahahahaha yeah i now know if i decide to do this again...i can do it alone!!:)

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  1. haha that was such a fun birthday party and the food was really yummy too...and the water wasnt actually that cold it was medeocer temperature...srry bout keeping you up allll night:)