Tuesday, November 23, 2010

frozen in time

well i am inspired by kimara who blogs all the time and i never ever do....so here goes.....it is november 23 2010...and its winter....well not REALLY winter but mother nature has played a dirty nasty joke on us and sent us old man winter super early and he is angry!the temperature outside today was a chilly -34 with the windchill.....our month so far has been quite eventful,dylans football windup was at the beginning of november....and none too soon...lol...i luved to watch my boy play his first year of football but never once did i think when i signed him up that i would be sitting in the stands freezing my butt off,no regrets tho...hes so fantastic at every sport he chooses!After football was over it was on to volleyball season for alexis,whom i might add is now officially 6 feet tall.....and only 13 years old....a couple more inches i would like but then stopping the growth would be a goodthing as i worry about her finding a hubby as tall as her:P......back to her volleyball....she of course did amazing and learnt alot this year!Now we are thrust into basketball season.With both my girls trying out for senior team my nerves were a wreck hoping they would both make the team,i didnt want one to make it and the other to have to go on intermediate,makes my life a whole lot easier this way.....so yes.,,,,they make the team!!!However it is a bittersweet moment this year letitias other friends also tried out and never made the team:( also not having london with us in brooks to play will sure be a different view from the stands:*( i am saddened for this....but i must also say i am super excited that london also made her team in her new school in medicine hat!My partner in crime aka kimara....will be missed by me in the stands,,,,im sure it wont be the same not having her there with me:(. We look forward to watching london play tho...and im sure we will get to scream at eachothers games once in awhile:)

Well last week we the wandlers decided to treat our family to their first NHL hockey game....calgary flames against chicago blackhawks...(which letitia beleives her hubby is playin for that team) jonathan toews...lol...anyways we were so excited for this day to arrive and it finally did...but of course not without some challenges....the weather had decided not to cooperate at all...the worst snow storm ever decides to grace us a couple of days before we go...so of course the highways were not in the best of shape,but we wandlers let nothing stop us and prevailed and went and enjoyed ourselves fully!With december fast approaching our thoughts are quickly turning to christmas and shopping and of course where and what we will be doing for christmas this year?Nothing is settled yet,but im sure something last minute if anything will be planned!quentin will most likely be working so likely it will be close to home if not at home itself.

Upcoming holiday week next week for quentin and i and had alot of plans to get alot done,but of course plans were made to be changed and lets just hope we can get some christmas shopping done!!Well this concludes my first blog in probably a year or so....so much has happened and i wish i was a better blogger so i could have it to look back on for when i lose my mind.....lol...but perhaps somethings are better left not remembered...haha....missing our dear friends who have moved on to medicine hat to a wonderful acreage and look so forward to spending lots of time there in the future creating new memories with them in their new adventure!!TA TA FOR NOW......time to get some beauty rest....or should i say hibernate...goodnight:)

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  1. Man you live a crazy busy life. I feel like we are always running around with just London in Sports you must really be busy. You are an amazing mom! You are so supportive of your children in all they want to do. That is what impressed me most about you..that and you were slightly louder than me. I am so grateful that in life our lives have crossed and that we have been able to share many fun experiences.
    I love your blog and I am excited to see you writing in it! I miss you so much. have fun Chirstmas shopping!