Friday, October 9, 2009


WELL HERE WE ARE thanksgiving is upon us and the cold weather has blessed us once again!What???blessed us???ahhh well you all know what i i just stopped in to tell why i am so thankful this wonderful time of year...however i am always thankful everyday but one does seem to slow their world down for a day and truly think of why we should be thankful!

I am thankful for my wonderful,understanding supportive husbandof ten years,,,,and heres why...
I get sick he heals me,im sad he holds me,im happy he shares laughter with me,im scared he comforts me.....but most of all im me and he loves me!
I am thankful for my children,,,,,because simply they are mine!I have put alot of effort into molding them into wonderful people and i think that they are truly that,,,,about 71/2 years ago i was very sick with cancer and i was very scared and thought i would never be well or even survive to see them grow and flourish into adults.I conquered the cancer but before i did i wrote them each a little letter knowing how very loved and important they are to me,,,,thanks to god i never had to give them those letters,however i have had the opportunity to tell them everyday how very great they are and how thankful i am to have them in my lives!
I am thankful for my parents.....i sometimes take the time i have with them for granted however i knnow they are getting up in age and now i think back to how great they were when they raised me and took good care of me and i thank them for that and continue to be there when i need them....
I am thankful for my life one can never have too many friends,i have had alot of friends in my life but truly only a few whom i have carried on through life friends have truly enriched my life throughout the years and im positive i will continue to have such great loving friends in you,,,,and for that i thankyou!!
last but not least i am thankful to the lord and for allowing me to be here and to be experiencing this world and life with the most amazing people and the most amazing experiences.....

It truly doesnt get much better than this,,,,,we are all happy,healthy,and loved....what more could anyone want?
Happy thanksgiving my friends and family!!!i love you all!!

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  1. Beautiful! We really do have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing. I definately count you as one of my blessings, friend!