Thursday, June 18, 2009

winding down and unplugging

well here it is almost the final days of school is upon us often we look forward to the final days of quick as the school year is over we all tend to go our seperate ways for the summer and go on our own little adventures..creating new memories and perhaps new friendships......i often worry about my girls and that they will have true and valuable friendships in life and i am thankful that they both have such wonderful friends....i dont think i could have hand picked better friends for them.....i want to say i would love to be selffish and keep our london and her family here FOREVER!!however i also relaize that if i was in the same predicament i would move in a heartbeat....saddened as we will be when that day arrives.....we know that this is a forever friendship:).....onto much happier daughter alexis will be going into grade seven this coming would have thought this would come so fast..i now have to watch two girls go through this flirting with boys and giggling in the hallways of the junior high school.....i really should get a lock on those basement windows and doors like kimara says,,, dylan will be heading into grade 4 already...he struggles with his work however is a whiz at social studys...loves to learn about the world and world events.....maybe a little politician in the making...hehe....guess we will have to teach him how to lie!:)......
Last weekend we as a family,,,,went to blood indian for the first time since an uneventful august last year....when i left there last year ...august i swore never to camp or even go back to blood indian ever again...for reasons that pretty much all of us know...lets just say we had a life changing experience and didnt want to remember it.However we ventured back this past weekend and had a wonderful time fishing and teaching the kids how to fish as we all had rods this year....dylan can actually cast out pretty far!Letitia caught the first fish of the weekend...haha if you can call a 3 inch fish a fish....but nonetheless it was a fish...i released it back into the lake only to have it die from the eye injury from the hook...sorry little fishy:(......anyways we drove around a bit that saturday and noticed a motorhome with a guy that looked alot like my brother we pulled over and sure enough it was my oldest sister and my brother in law....they too were out on the other side of the lake fishing and we had a nice visit with them...only to find out my parents were also arriving later that we all enjoyed our time out at blood indian...caught a few fish and had a nice visit...soon off to lake newell on july 1st for a couple of days..that will be our next camping adventure....til next time keep fit and have fun!!:) haha


  1. AHHHH the end of school and onto the summer. Summer is always crazy and seems to fly by so quickly. I hope that we will find time to hang out this summer. Time just seems to go by so fast. Our girls will be grown up before we know it and on there own..sad!

  2. on their own???not if i have anything to do with it...what happened to the idea of locking them up in the basement??lol....ahhhh well i guess its ok if they live together i could manage to let them go a bit ...and yes we certainly will find time this summer to hang out,,,,xo