Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well here i sit fathers day has nearly come to a close and i thought i should write this note to let my hubby know how very much i love and appreciate who he is and what he does for this here goes...

Quentin...the day i met you i could never have imagined the perfect family man you would soon turn out to be!I a Single mother(not by choice) however i found my self in this situation two very very young girls,thinking to myself i would be alone and raising them all alone.Never looking for anyone,but there you were!You offered help when i needed it ,moving into my own little place and we grew as friends,you and i were certainly meant to be!So for this i have to say THANKS to my exhusband,,,,,for letting me go,and for walking out of his two adorable little girls lives....cause without that and i would never be and the girls im sure would have never had such a wonderful and loving up bringing as they have had with you as their daddy!!SO heres a tribute to you as the DADDY of my three wonderful kids!!HAPPY FATHERS DAY QUENTIN! Any man can be a father.......But it takes a REAL man to be a DADDY!!!We love you!xox

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