Friday, August 14, 2009

summers flying by

well here i am again today is friday the 14th of august ,let me tell you i can't beleive that it is already the middle of august and we feel like the summer truly has not arrived yet!We have had nearly maybe ten hot days all summer long .However we havent let it ruin our summer we have done alot this summer,i think this has been our busiest summer of all!Between camping,visits,edmonton trips jasper icefields emerson bridge blood indian lake newell echo dale park and the final thing so far we have done was our trip to calgary where we went to see wrestling at the saddledome!!How fun was all that,tons of fun and lets not forget tons of money.We were in sylvan lake this summer,we stumbled upon this outdoor waterslide park there so we decided to get a cheap room across from the waterpark and slide all day long!How fun was such a blast.Later that night quentin and i decided to go for a walk to some bars and see what the nightlife was like.It was rather boring as it was a sunday we were there,but we did meet this man and woman as we were walking by this one place,the man said hi there and we responded politlely and said hi,he then proceeded to chat with us,they were a very nice couple from fort mac,down on holidays.We ended up going to sit and have a drink with these people and this complete stranger said something to me that made total sense,he said ya know we only get one chance at this life and we need to enjoy it to the fullest and take it all in!He said he makes 5 dollars he will spend 8 dollars to enjoy what life has to really makes sense to me that if we sit back and work work work and never play we will not get what life has to offer!That was at the beginning of our trip we knew it was going to be a blast from there on!Off the next day we went to edmonton and stayed at west ed mall for three nights....lots of shopping and we spent a whole day at the waterpark which we totally luved it was soooo fun,we are all about water!Went for supper at a nice restaurant in the mall down this aisle of cool..we then went back to the room ready for another day of fun the next day at galaxy land....which was not as fun as the waterpark however we still enjoyed it....then we changed rooms that night into our fantasy theme room...the lady at the hotel was nice enough to give us this room for 139 dollars and it was tub right in the room and a view of the city we couldnt beleive our luck!!The hot tub was constantly being filled up and the kids luved it.....that night the girls went to the imax theatre to see harry potter.while dad and dylan and i rested and chilled out in the room with room service nachos and morning we rose to have a hottub again before we packed up and left for our next adventure,we headed to jasper...yayyy....trailer in tow we stayed in a campground right near the village,did some exploring and shopping in jasper and found a neat little restaurant where we ate and then headed back to the campground to set up the tent trailer.We then went exploring in the campground and the kids found some elk and carribou right walking around the campground,cool,,,,bedtime in the tent trailer,i never slept at all cause i was so worried about the bears coming into our tent sure what i would have done if they would have but needless to say i stayed awake..haha...packed up in the morning and off to drive the mountains...ahhhhh how gorgeous....we got to go to athabasca falls they were soooo nice,then continues our drive through the mountains til we found the icefields and stopped there for a few hours to tour on a bus on the fantastic this was,ate on the mountain and then loaded up for mre mountain driving....we got to see 2 bears so exciting kind of sad though....they were right up on the roads and people we getting out of their vehicles to get as close to them as possible,you could see how scared these beas were and they just wanted to cross the road to get to the waters.....nonetheless stillblessed we could see such a free wild creature of god.....homeward bounds we were exhausted and broke but we had the time of our lives that im sure the kids will never forget:)

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  1. I am so glad that it was so much fun! I would like to go to sylvin now to the waterslides. I loved looking at all your pictures on facebook. I still haven't written any of my adventures. You are an inspiration maybe I will get to it today. I wish we could have done something together...summers not over yet right?