Friday, February 6, 2009

no tell

Well one more week and we (letitia,alexis,dylan,kimara,london,sean and i,,,,quentin has to work) are off to the big city of hanna , alberta!!WOOHOO...another fun filled weekend of basketball!!AND i mean funfilled i can hardly wait to get into that school and overwhelm the crowd with our pom poms and our signs and cheering loudly and proudly for our girls!!This year i believe the girls/london and letitia...have grown sooo much as little women!!Their maturity at times surprises me...yet the giggles they still have are also a very fond reminder of their youth!!Anyways i called up to hanna to find a hotel/motel room or two for our two familys ,we thought would be a fun idea to stay the night being as we have to be there the nextday as well!I couldnt get a room at the best western...which really concerned me...i asked why they were so booked!Well she said it is valentines weekend!!OOHH YEEAAHH so of course being that i think i will have to bring my sexy flannel jammies to walk around the notell motel room we got,,lol,but i think a nice valentine surprise for all the kids in the morning would be a nice interesting as the room sounds..i figure ill bring my own pillow,maybe a change of sheets and a chocolate mint for my pillow!!LOL...ahhh well we will find something to do if nothing else we can always play some cards or find a wedding to crash and get fed for free!!Haha there should be one or two maybe happening being it is valentines weekend!!OFF i go now to indulge in chocolate...all this talk about valentines sure makes a woman crave some!!:)


  1. What wast he name again the Roach Motel? The infestation Inn? I am scared....I hope that it isn't too bad. As long as our group is together we will have tons of fun. I like the idea of Valentine Jammies...SEXY Flannel is my favorite too! I know it will be lots of fun the discover the hidden corners of Hanna! Yipppeeee here we come only 6 more sleeps :0)

  2. AHA! Here I am.
    Sounds like you guys have some fun times up your sleeves. Unfortunate that you pretty much might have to pack up your life in order to sleep w/o fleas etc BUT what an adventure!!!