Thursday, February 5, 2009

getting motivated....sure takes......motivation,,,lol

Well i took my first step towards motivating myself to workout and get in shape!!I'm not looking at losing alot of weight..perhaps 10 pounds would be great.....but i truly want to just FEEL better!!I wake up in the morning and head to work around 530 monday to friday,i finish usually early enough to come home and chill out for a couple of hours,i decided after thinking about it for a very longtime....that i wanted to join some kind of gym,so as of monday my membership starts at the recreation center.I have no idea when i go what i will do but i guess i will figure some routine out!!I'm excited to get the old heart pumping,and the cellulite moving!! after i went and inquired about this membership deal...i left the rec center and headed over to the junior high school and thought ....ill take my girls out for i took letitia and london for a& theres something extra to work off!!By the way kimara...if i have any questions on how to do what or what kind of routine i could get into i know youll be there for me!!!You are my motivator...just seeing how great you look makes me want to feel that on the inside as well the once again kimara,,,,congrats and i'll be asking for information,,,,:)

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  1. I love the phrase get my heart pumping and the cellulite moving. I will never get on the treadmill again without that going through my head! Lol. London told me about A&W she thinks you are the cats Meow! Thanks she didn't have a very exciting lunch. I will go with you anytime to help you out. I wish you could work out in the mornings. That would have been fun! Call and we will get together....Get that Cellulite moving...hee hee.

    P.S. I think you look FAB!