Sunday, February 1, 2009

every day is one day closer to???

today is one of those days where i feel like .....what am i doing here??who put me here and for what purpose?those words got me thinking.....i woke up this morning after a pretty good sleep and my first thought in my head was a selfish thought,i do admit.However selfish it seems its somewhat not selfish on the other hand!I once again woke with the thoughts of my friends leaving this town for a new endeavor...but then i thought wait a minute..this truly isnt selfish..i'm doing what most people do when they are faced with the news of bestest friends perhaps being split up..and two of the most adoring parents a person would ever meet!!I was being selfish in thinking about my letitia and how hurt she would be and then i went into her room and seen she wasn't there.I walked downstairs and found her in her sisters room,she had a sleepover in her sisters room cute !!I then thought hmmmm here i am worried about her feelings and there she is sleeping with her sister and they have eachother!!I know we will miss having london over alot but i have to fortunate is she to have her sister to talk to when shes down...and i know thats exactly what she did lastnight when she slept in there...she might not have talked to her about that issue..cause letitia can be kinda withdrawn from her emotions when that subject is talked about ...but she was simply spending time and filling up her thoughts with her sister!So as i ramble on about what seems nothing it truly made me realize how lucky and blessed and what i am here for!!!Just like the seasons of the year ...our lives go through some changes and it all works out somehow we cope and get through it by leaning on our own!! on another note...i'm not the type of person to let people IN often to my heart but I will always have room in my heart for the white family....just know you are loved and we will be there for you where ever you go..............x0 ....i feel better now...i love this blogging stuff!!!:)

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  1. Awesome blogging yet again. I am so excited when you write something new! I just love this as well and we love you guys. Your like my much better looking wilder sister! Thank you for all the nice things said. I know that we will stay in touch no matter where we live. That being said we are really leaning towards Brooks....travelling can't be that bad especially when I don't even have to do it :0). Have you got your voice back yet? Friday and Saturday was awesome..What are we going to do when basketball is done? Your signs were so awesome by the way. TTFN